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You can find TDH Nurseries tucked away in beautiful scenic Phoenix, Maryland, located in Northern Baltimore County.

We are a grower and supplier that sells wholesale to the trade only, specializing in growing unique, rare and hard to find plant material. A few of our specialties are Japanese maples, American holly and columnar evergreens.

Along with field grown material, we offer premium grade container and B&B plant material, as well as true 4 quart perennial selections. What a difference the impact makes on your client's landscape! (We also offer smaller sizes in ground covers and some larger sizes on select perennials and ornamental grasses)

In order to make TDH Nurseries a landscapers one-stop shop, we also offer palletized and bulk stone, black, and natural mulch.

For pricing and availability of materials, please call or visit our website for our current availability.


Specimen Evergreens

Specimen evergreens in our fields.

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Deciduous Trees

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Weeping Specimens

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TDH Stone /Boulders

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Flowering Shrubs and Trees

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Palletized Stone

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Field Operations

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Container/ B&B

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Ilex Fields

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